Ivory Photo

Old Photo Repro

Everyone has a collection or a closet full of these things. Old Photo Reproduction has always been a mainstay of Ivory Photo, and it still remains one of our specialties. Ivory Photo uses digital technology in combination with years of experience in traditional methods. If you notice your old pictures getting silvery in the darker areas, or yellowed and cracked, torn, stained, perforated, scribbled on by preschoolers etc…

Bring them to Ivory Photo and we’ll talk about what might be done. The satisfaction level of Ivory customers is very high, one of the most gratifying parts of this business for all these years.

See an example here:




Scans: $7.50 each
Three or more: $5.00 each
Retouch: $15.00 minimum (or higher by estimate and approval)

13 x 19 $40.00 1st $30.00 add’l
8 x 10 $16.00 1st $ 8.00 add’l
5 x 7 $10.00 1st $ 6.50 add’l
up to 4 x 6 $7.00 1st $ 4.50 add’l