Ivory Photo


Passport, Immigration, Citizenship, Visa and License Photographs

Ivory Photo takes pride in getting these things right the first time. In our diverse community we boast people from every nation in the world. New requirements on the part of foreign governments make it very hard for anyone else to do the critical measurements properly. Ivory has the right equipment and the willingness to pay attention to details, and our photographs are accepted by agencies of all governments. We have no problem with exacting metric measurements and close tolerances.

Also, we have no age or size limitations and can make correct passport photos for infants as young as one day old.


U.S. Passport

(2 photos): $17.50


(4 photos): $27.50
(6 photos): $36.50
(8 photos): $45.00

Infants: $25.00

Foreign Metric Sizes: $20.00 min.