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Young People

High School Seniors    

I like to provide an alternative to the overblown and outrageously priced sessions we’ve all seen advertised. Some parents, and also some forward looking students… go into shock when they see all the lavish brochures that come in the summer after their Junior year. I like to work for those people. The ones who want something decent, but not overdone and who would like to save some of their money for… maybe College the next year…

Some of the best pictures I’ve ever taken were where a student came to the realization that I was on their side and actually working for them, and then were able to let their guard down and be there 100%. It was a good thing also for the students to experience doing.

I tell the students: “We get so many so-called adults in this studio who have no clue about how to present themselves. One of the reasons we take some extra time with Senior Pictures is to give you some experience in doing just this. It’s a skill you will certainly need in the future, no matter what field you enter. And here are my suggestions: ….”


I get along well with most kids, and enjoy their company and respect their special outlook on the world. I usually try to work fast when I have kids in my studio, having made a list of priorities with the parents. I try to get the priorities done early, because in my experience, when the kids are done, the session’s over.

I’m not a specialist in tiny babies, except to make passport photos for them.

Look in our networking area for colleagues of mine who are great with infants.