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Posted on July 11, 2013

07-08-13:  Ivory Photo has completed moving to the new location at 317 S. Division, Second Floor.  My workspace is above the Mail Shoppe, which shares the same address.  Parking is available for a limited number of cars at the rear of the building, as well as metered parking nearby on Division Street and Library Lane.


I regretfully discontinued my  BW film developing service, since I can't justify having chemicals and plumbing above another business.  So that's an end of an era, because I was the last one in this area who was capable of developing Black and White films, and it's always been one of Ivory Photo's services, since 1925.  Personally, I believe that Black and White film photography will survive, because it's 19th century technology, not 20th century.  It predates electric light, and the telephone, and so many other technologies we take for granted now.  And when photography began, the chemical processes were done at room temperatures in the photographer's basement.  So this is why it will survive, when color negatives and color transparencies are finished.  Black and White will continue to be useful and relevant because it can be done simply and without complicated machinery.  And so it will be.  I wish all traditional photographers well, in confidence that they will find a way to continue their art under their own control.


Ivory will move forward, continuing the specialties that have helped us survive all the ups and downs of economics and technology.  These are: The restoration and reproduction of old photos,  Business portraiture, photos for government documents (especially foreign metric requirements, and infants), photographing artwork and products, commercial photography and custom printmaking.  I am considering adding equipment to scan slides that will enable me to make competitive bids on large orders.

I like to boast that 'no one brings me the easy stuff..."  So I'm proud to be a problem solver, a custom printer, good at deadline work.  That will also continue.

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